It’s my 22nd Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me!!! Today’s my birthday yay! I’ll be 22. The day before I uploaded 5 videos describing my goals for 22, the future of music industry and more.

The video on the future of the music industry

4 thoughts on “It’s my 22nd Birthday!!!

  1. Happy B’day. You are right about the music industry hurting right now, but there is a flip side to that. Some guys are actually making money that otherwise wouldn’t have, for lack of a record contract. Tough part is getting people to buy your tracks when they can make a YT playlist and essentially listen for free all day long.

    1. Thanks for the bday wish. As for the youtube playlists you have a point. To be honest I think this culture is so used to downloading movies and music for free that it’s extremely difficult to get someone to buy anything with out resorting to spectacle such as twerking and the like.

      1. Yea, and unfortunately there is more talent on the street than in the studio. It may be worthwhile to look at the business model of The Grateful Dead, regardless of what you may think of their music, they had a loyal following and made the bulk of their money with their concerts. Now if you can combine that with your hologram idea as a “live” performance only, ….who knows?

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