Micro Speech: Play On

Been practicing my writing skills by making short speeches I call micro speeches. Here is my first one. It’s titled “Play On”

One day we’re all going to die. Life’s drama will end and all actors will bow before exiting stage right for the last time. We fear death. Panic attacks are conjured at the mere mention of our ephemeral existence, but I’d like to invoke a new attitude towards death. A view that inevitable termination is liberation rather than oppression.

Death renders everything meaningless. Every person, every event and everything will eventually pass on. This is great news. Every embarrassment, mistake, and regret you ever made and ever will make is guaranteed to be scrubbed clean. So, what’s there to lose? You’re already destined to have every memory, object and relationship stripped away at death. So, why hold back?

Life’s like a board game, in which, all the pieces return to the box. Everybody wins, death is the prize and how you play doesn’t matter. So play on and play hard.

3 thoughts on “Micro Speech: Play On

  1. I really love most of what you say here, but I really believe playing fair matters. Otherwise, aren’t you permitting others to behave badly? Still, I adore this entire piece.

    1. Thanks. Appreciate you taking time to listen and comment. as for permitting the people to behave badly. I have no problem permitting bad behavior but I don’t promote it. Think of a game of tag where no one is “it” or a game of chess played with only white pieces. Everyone wins by default making for a pretty boring game

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