Welcome to the Pyro Movement

Welcome to the Pyromaniac Movement, where the mission is to light the fire of creativity in the hearts of others. You are part of a community which spans 4 blogs and we urge you to network with us and each other. Feel free to comment a link to your blog, YouTube, Twitter or any other site which showcases your work in S.A.M.M. (Science, Art, Math, Music) and Writing and I, James Revels III, will check it out and tell you what I think.

Here is the list of blogs and YouTube of the Pyromaniac Movement. Tweet me @jlronthebeat so we can chat it up

The Pyro Movement Blog: This blog posts original content from Pyromaniac Productions and is the Home Blog for the Pyro Movement

Audio SeXXX: This blog promotes musicians and YouTubers, as well as, posts daily “Eargasms” for your enjoyment.

The Evolution of Eloquence: This blog posts poetry and short stories.

James Revels Composer: This blog post my music composition and is also my person blog.


Do you like music? Do you like vlogs? Then James Revels Composer’s Youtube Channel is for you. I post DAILY videos that include piano improvisations, instrumentals, hip-hop songs, and a personal vlog. Follow the creative journey by subscribing today!


One thought on “Welcome to the Pyro Movement

  1. Fascinating project. I will look forward to exploring the blogs in the coming weeks.

    As for my own undertakings, I have a research blog ( http://www.medievalinsights.info/ ) and use it to both publish academic and non-academic material; sometimes I will publish notes on various aspects of the medieval world and other times I will post salty Let’s Reads.

    In the immediate future, though, I am preparing to adapt Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte Darthur” into an interactive, shared universe. Essentially, I plan to create a multimedia story where readers (or “Wreaders” as I prefer) engage with Malory’s novel across literary chapters, Youtube videos, and pieces of interactive fiction written with Inform 7.

    I hope to inspire people to engage with Arthurian Romances on their own and critically study Le Morte Darthur as they play. It is an ambitious project and it won’t be done for several months, to say the least. But I thought I would share the initial ambition and maybe see what others thought.

    In any case, this looks like a great artistic opportunity for people to share their take on the humanities and will be browsing here and there as time allows me.

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