The Rosebush’s Dart Board

The rosebush’s dart board heart, sore from thorns,
Bore esoteric progeny many aesthetic to the knees,
Shocked by Thor that his core was a gigantic star torn
And his friends never lent a hand to close that dark door.
Hardcore verbal assassin; the agenda every class is,
Gear up black syrup to be painted as molasses.
Practically fantastic till his Galaxy went spastic
When he partied with a Barbie doll lacking skin of plastic,
Now the words spit by his Kundalini serpent only rise
When he imagines of drowning in her shallow brown eyes.
I advised him from the middle of his mind that,
“If you continue on this coaster ride you’ll find your demise.”
“Fine!” His heart replied becoming a hermit to logic
And my role reformed to Jonah at Nineveh waiting for God to show up,
But instead, I watch him throw up his government name into her steel dog cage,
Now, his leash is at least more than a quarter shorter,
And beautiful Barbie got bored of him post-mortem,
So she cut her baby prematurely from the umbilical cord,
Killing the child with the rosebush’s dart board heart.

By: James Revels III

This poem if from my book of poetry “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I also created an instrumental soundtrack to accompany the project and for $1 (or more) you can download the soundtrack which comes with a PDF version of the book. Listen to it below

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