Let Silence Speak!

And listen to silence as it speaks softly.
A being with disorganized thoughts but a neat body.
She’d hardly talk to you,
Unless you’re willing to hear
And your ear is tuned in precisely to her frequency of speech.
Frequently, I leave to meet her privately,
Let her whisper to me as I contemplate each phrase she makes.
It’s give or take,
She gives me her lessons,
While she takes my minutes each time she mumbles a mighty message.
What’s that?
You don’t hear a word?
That’s funny,
Even absurd how you think I’m crazy,
But I’m cunning.
I can learn from nothing but you hardly learn from something,
Even when the lesson’s inches from your iris.
Is it blindness?
If so,
I’ll have to try to transcribe her words in braille,
So you can see I’m the only one who can hear her yell.

By: James Revels III

This poem if from my book of poetry “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I also created an instrumental soundtrack to accompany the project and for $1 (or more) you can download the soundtrack which comes with a PDF version of the book. Listen to it below

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