Guest Post: Dear Journal

Say hi to Victoria Shine! She’s a friend of mine from high school. I hope you enjoy her writing. 

Dear Journal,

Feeling trapped in a marriage slowly building on dishonesty and hate. Mental break downs happening yet no one to help so you have to get yourself together. Arguments you have everyday because now a days it’s the only way to communicate. Reliving the happy days because you know it’s never going to be the same. Reasoning within yourself that this is somehow your fault and you deserve this. Ignoring the warning signs that this isn’t right, that you deserve better. Agreeing to out your happiness aside so that he’s never stressed. Goals that will never be accomplished because you feel as though you are worthless and doesn’t deserve it. Eternal doubt that no matter what you do you will always feel like your nothing.

Sincerely, Me

Feedback is greatly appreciated

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