From the Moment We Met

From the moment we met,
Your fire sign shined brightly.
You’re clever with words
You cut and paste phrases in ways that strike me mightily like lightning,
You could be anywhere in the world,
But you’re here with me sightseeing.
I don’t know why you chose me to be your accomplice in murdering time,
But I think,
With a mind like yours there has to be some type of reasoning for why you still choose to drive alongside me.
When you’re smiling,
You melt my heart like chocolate ice cream,
Which feels so good in a world that tastes like were tonguing an ice rink.
And when I hold you close,
I don’t want to let you go,
But I know,
That you live far, far away like the girl mentioned in Tyga’s Ode.
I also know,
That I won’t have to call you while you’re “visiting” Marvin’s room and act like an asshole to you;
Claiming you can do better,
But if you possibly get any better,
Reality would overload, explode, and completely shatter.
So, from the moment we met till now,
Your fire sign shines brighter than ever.
Let’s follow our star to our constellation in the sky,
So, that we might illuminate each other’s nights forever.


This poem if from my book of poetry “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I also created an instrumental soundtrack to accompany the project and for $1 (or more) you can download the soundtrack which comes with a PDF version of the book. Listen to it below

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