To Whom This May Concern

To Whom This May Concern
To whom this may concern,
Don’t give up.
I know it sucks but,
Carry on like luggage on aircrafts.
Don’t stare back.
Keep eyes forward on florescent futures.
Destiny’s calling and you can’t mute her.
Silence the doubt; you’ve already won.
Don’t you see it? Reply when you’re done.
I’ll respond with “I told you so.”
Unthaw your frozen heart and let it go.
Everything, except your amazing goals.
The Future You

By: James Revels III

This poem if from my book of poetry “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I also created an instrumental soundtrack to accompany the project and for $1 (or more) you can download the soundtrack which comes with a PDF version of the book. Listen to it below

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