The Rose

I was walking through a garden.
Your smell and beauty attracted me.
It soothed my soul.
So, I picked up you up and planted you in my front lawn.
You were my most prized possession.
I loved you so much.
Remember when you gave me those glasses?
You know, the ones with the funny color?
I put on the glasses.
I remember how I thought my sight was better.
How I thought you helped me see better.
You loved me so much.
Then I tried to hold you;
Remember when I tried?
When I did you spat words that pierced like thorns.
You missed my heart and hit my soul.
Oh, how I suffered that day!
I wonder what happened to you.
I had loved you so much.
I remember how I wished would wither and die,
Until I saw you again.
Left right where I left you,
But bigger and more beautiful than before.
The aroma of nostalgic feelings filled the air.
I took your rosy colored glasses,
Set them at your roots and walked away.

By: James Revels III

This poem if from my book of poetry “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I also created an instrumental soundtrack to accompany the project and for $1 (or more) you can download the soundtrack which comes with a PDF version of the book. Listen to it below

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