Sonnet 4: The Way I Pray

Here’s a poem from my poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” titled “The Way I Pray”. An embed to the book trailer, a link to a FREE sampler and link to buy the book

Sonnet 4: The Way I Pray

by: James Revels III

The language I speak so fluent,

To other so foreign.

Creating the world as I knew it

To a place I wish you could have been.

It’s my life.

I do it every day.

I do it every night.

It’s the way I pray.

The very thing I love to do,

More than anything in the world.

Soothes my soul, my hearts does move,

Causing it to twist and curl.

The only thing I’m sure of, the only thing I’ve known,

Is letting my heart paint these beautiful poems.

11081371_806765112705045_79280906285194778_n (1)

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