Practice Verse to Soul Food by: Logic

Here’s a practice verse I did to logic’s  Soul food. I’ll record more practice verses as soon as I’m settled in my new apartment

Archaic Neologisms,
Antique Lexicon Elocuted,
Shooting semantics centuries beyond
Ineffable, the reaction to every song.
Cut a chapter, end it penning sequels in epilogues,
I science you, a pedagogue.
Pet a God.
Mediocre play poker with luck I watch them bet their moms.
Stratified, greats on Olympus eschelons,
While weed wacking, I roll up to test the lawn.
Lyrics akin to spirit of abiogenesis.
9 muses generous, excuse onerous,
Equivalent to honor-less, to failure I’m intolerant.
Ionosphere, I’m taller than it.
Edison reinvented, anger thermal venting,
infectious like tetanus, home base balling like the Mets is,
Evidence your guilty of currency perjury.
You’re selling your soul for Mr. T jewelery.
Copulate with your companion while she ovulates,
Calculate change, saving habits never modulate.
cerebral cortex, vortex of verbal sources.
flow tight like corset, warp flows, fins of porpoise.
offending corpses, turning tomb stones to pizza.
beyond good and evil yet all too human like Nietzsche.
When off the dome discovering flows eureka!
with all these gallons, My metrics read Liter (Leader)

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Feedback is greatly appreciated

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