How I Became Who I Am Today

As I was growing up I never truly knew what I wanted to be. In a way I still don’t. In Elementary, I wanted write stories. Novels and the such, but I soon realized I didn’t have the patience to keep a story going past the first chapter or two, although I had finished an outline of the entire plot. In middle school and early high school, I was super interested in linguistics. I would study the history of language and structure of languages, even created my own language, “Tichoshian”, but never became fluent in a language (yet.) Then, Late in High school, I began falling in love with music, math and science. Going to science fairs and math Olympics while recording mixtapes with friends. Even my standardized test left me confused. I’d get near advanced in all areas with English being the only outlier. So when I graduated from high-school I was going to get a degree in English and do Englishy stuff with it (or so I thought). Then reality set in, no scholarships or money I wasn’t going to a university. So, community college with financial aid was the choice for me. When I had started college I had only been 18 for a month. I was young and dumb. I felt empty and really didn’t know what I wanted in in life. I became nihilistic. Wasting my time going down to the local university where my best friend at the time attended and just partied my life away after classes. I never did my home work. After that my financial aid was rightfully cut off and I was stuck with nothing. Nothing, but a burning fire to do something great. In all that time I didn’t stop creating though. I continued to compose and record music and write poetry. Eventually I created a WordPress blog (Not this one the first one was called the evolution of eloquence and I posted mostly poems on it) and I’ve been blogging and creating music ever since. Now with an upcoming book, tons of released music with some on iTunes I can truly say I’m proud of how I’ve grown up. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m eager to see where the rest of my journey takes me.

4 thoughts on “How I Became Who I Am Today

  1. Wow, that is a great story! gives me hope that I may yet get my books written… although I’m old now, so maybe when I retire! Peace and light to you. Michelle

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