Sketch Book:2015 – Self Doubt and Treachery

Every year I create a a set of experimental instrumentals called a “sketchbook” for people to use in film projects for school, or put lyrics to or any thing background music is needed for. Although, I retired the previous sketchbooks, here is Sketch Book:2015 tracks “Self Doubt” and “Treachery”. I  will update throughout the year with my musical experiments.

These two tracks are slower, dark tracks with a more orchestral sound. Ominous strings are the order of the day

A short film, Modern Tragedy by Jesse MaGill and Cassidy Rowley contains a few of my pieces for the film

7 thoughts on “Sketch Book:2015 – Self Doubt and Treachery

  1. This is really good work and ideas. the 3 elements: dialogue (sketchbook) / image (photo-drawings etc / sound(music). Really creative work. keep going- keep developing this. :)

      1. Maybe there’s something to be said for keeping a positive mental attitude at the same time as being mindful to negative possibilities –

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