Everything Under the Sun

Everything Under the Sun

Manifested by: James Revels III

If you could have anything
What would you get?
Would you get fancy cars?
Would you get diamond rings that shine as bright as the sun?

If you could do anything
Would you fulfill your dreams?
Would you soothe your burning desires?

If you could have anything
Would you think of us?
Would you think of those less fortune?
Would you trade everything you have now for everything under the sun?


2 thoughts on “Everything Under the Sun

  1. This is incredible. I don’t have much, but I always give to the less fortunate. Cause it CAN be worse. I am happy with what I have and I don’t need more.

    I love this piece. Very inspiring.

  2. Great job James.I’ve been reading your work for a while.I’m glad that young folks like us are getting into the spirit of poetry and expressing ourselves through words versus violence and hipocrisy.It feels great and I’m sure you agree.I also have a blog on WordPress you can find me by Raven J. Cold.There’s one particular item I would like you to check.It’s called Poehiptic…kinda catchy.Be gentle now.Lol! take care

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