I Know I’m not the Best but… (July 28th 2009)

I Know I’m not the Best but…

Written by: James Revels III

She doesn’t believe in happy endings
Endings where the princess ends up happily ever after
Endings where she gets her prince charming
Well maybe that kingdom isn’t so far far away
I know I’m not your first choice but
You can be me Fiona and I can be your Shrek
I’ll do anything for you
Slay the dragon
Save you from the wicked witch
Save you from that lonely castle tower

I know i’m not invincible but,
Be my Lois and I’ll be your Superman
I’ll pick you up when you fall
Protect you when your vulnerable
Save you when your world comes to an end

I know I’m not shakespere but,
You can my Juliet and I your Romeo
So I can throw pebbles at your windows
and we sneak away
and live happily ever after


13 thoughts on “I Know I’m not the Best but… (July 28th 2009)

  1. Sometimes it’s not about being the best, but being the BEST for YOURSELF and those that need you.

    I appreciate the sincerity of this piece.

    Keep at it man.

    1. Glad you enjoyed. 2 years ago I moved to my new blog audiosexxx.com and after publishing a book of poems I decided over the next month I’m going to reboot The Evolution of Eloquence and curate both blogs. I hope to see you around!

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