5 thoughts on “The Philosopher’s Stone EP Release is right now!

  1. I really dig the Cauda Pavonis track. It’s the most refined/composed to me. Out of the bunch: very succint. You have some really solid parts in every song but for me some of it becomes disjointed when the you have jarring transitions in tempo or a few too many sounds/effects in at once. As an artist, sometimes it’s hard to edit yourself and your composition, so I get that. It’s like you have a lot to say and you’re trying to get it all down in one, long run-on sentence. I really dig Azoth in parts but not as a whole. It’s like 4 or 5 songs in there. It’s like you’re stream of consciousness composing. Maybe you’re on to something new and I’m just not there yet! You got some seriously promising stuff here and I dig your percussions and timing! For me, I feel like you sensibility is a mash up of 80/90s electronica and some of the later hip-hop. Like Depeche Mode meets Kid Cudi. You listen to Twin Shadows?

Feedback is greatly appreciated

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