Couldn’t Take (circa. December 6th, 2009)

Couldn’t Take

Transcribed from the mind of: James Revels III

When I fall, I fall in his hand,

Born to crawl, all over this land,

Filled with oceans, filled with this sand,

Intended to heal, this dead man,

Swimming in this lake, made of fire,

Ruled by this most, demonic sire,

A country made of, thieves and liars,

Bound by chains grow, ever tighter,

Dirtied up, this most cleanest slate,

Ate the food, off this dirty plate,

After this crime, can’t contemplate,

Sins so ingrained, this God, couldn’t take.

(December 6, 2009)


16 thoughts on “Couldn’t Take (circa. December 6th, 2009)

  1. I really enjoy reading poems. In general, not telling you how or what to think. But with the skilled crafting of words, forces or should I say coerce one to think for themselves. I seem to struggle in my personal writing of poems. Inconsistent in form I guess I would describe it as. Once in a while the words just pop. While other times it falls flat. Sounding like a Hallmark greeting card.

    1. It was when it was written. And no I haven’t put it to rhythm I could whenever I make the time to. Sound like an interesting project to embark on.

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