Aurora’s Graceful Waltz

“Aurora’s Graceful Waltz” is a modern day waltz I composed for the Philosopher’s Stone Instrumental EP I’m working on which will be released April 17th.  Enjoy!


36 thoughts on “Aurora’s Graceful Waltz

      1. Oh wow I love this. the part when the guitar fingering speeds up is my favorite part. and no time signature changes only major rhythmic changes was a shift in tempo

  1. I like it, especially the change in tempo. Didn’t know where it was going next. Thanks for liking my blog, by the way. It’s appreciated!

  2. color me totally impressed with your use of dual time signatures. I was like “dang, this is awesome, but it ain’t a waltz. Wait, is it?”
    And it was. good stuff

  3. Hey! I am a film student and I am working on my showreel, do you mind if I use this track on it? I can send the result to you when I finish. =) Lovely track by the way!! great work.

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