Sonnet 13: We Keep Playing

Sonnet 13: We Keep Playing

Today’s mistakes,
Tomorrow’s faults,
What is to take,
From these small faults,
With bruises too,
And broken bones,
Every new moon,
Is a light shone,
Know not questions,
Learn not answers,
Who owns actions,
Who is the planner,
Life is nothing, but dice used to gamble,
And we keep playing, even in shambles

By: James Revels III


28 thoughts on “Sonnet 13: We Keep Playing

  1. Your last couplet nails it. Thank you for that- it stick in the mind. five years from now I’m sure it will spill out of my pen and be inadvertently claimed as my own.

    regarding your header for this section- why is eloquence and honing of language important to you? Do you look to distill ideas into universally accessible observations? I only ask because that is a motivation that I have not experienced (or at least put into words) like you have.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for such a high compliment. and my motivation is to create works that people can relate to and use it cope, also if my work is good enough serve as an example for generation to used to measure excellence.

  2. My favorite lines are: “Life is nothing, but dice used to gamble,
    And we keep playing, even in shambles” I love poems with message nuggets. I write a lot of them like that… but less of me and more of you… it is really interesting to me that you used the sonnet in this way. It’s really cool. I like deep meanings in simpler to read ways. A lot of sonnet writers right in the style of centuries old English. I like when poetry is modern and accessible.

  3. The flow is really good; there seem to be some interesting thoughts kicking about, but i feel the words don’t have anything concrete to ‘stick’ to: some action, or description of something I could see or touch. The moon part comes the closest for me. But I don’t mean to discourage your writing.

  4. Howdy Hon!
    Saw you stopped by my site and thought I’d take a peek at yours.
    Powerful words. Loved them!
    I have but a few of my own….”Life is a crap-shoot, but it’s all about being in the game”. That pretty much sums up my life.
    Keep writing my friend. Good work!

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