Unresolved Anticipation

Last Night finished a 1 and half minute sonic sketch. check it out and let me know what you think :)


32 thoughts on “Unresolved Anticipation

    1. thanks. a sonic sketch is just a quick instrumental I throw together using skill Ive already mastered rather than trying to push the envelope and try to do something epically complex. thanks for the listen glad you enjoyed it

    1. lol hopefully you can find the poolside enjoyable in your weather because here in Ohio it’s been so cold i don’t think i can stand the sight of a pool at this moment. thanks for the listen and the compliments

  1. Its music I could imagine played at a fashionable boutique where expensive unique things are offered. And in case it doesn’t read this way, this is most definitely a compliment. I usually have Shazam open on the phone when I go shopping and hear a lick, so I can find out who created it.

  2. First I thought it could be a porno track.
    Then and ‘Adult Swim’ outro
    I’ve agreed on ‘music to play when you need to have ‘smooth”
    Harry Shearer might say that it’s ‘very now-tro’

    Thank you from a non-musician

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