1632 views in a day!

Yesterday we had a record breaking, 1632 views in one day the previous being 842. thats double the record!!! Thanks for the support ill make sure to give you that same quality you are looking for!

ALSO, for anyone who was a fan of  “the beginning of the end” Aübèl Cuzèl has a devient art where she posts poems, drawing and photography @http://lucky2becool.deviantart.com/gallery/ she hasnt posted anything in a while because she wasnt confident of the work, but based on your recepcion to her poem and maybe some love shone to her deviantART may convince her to update post :)

ALSO again dont forget to check the “COMMUNITY” and “BLOGS I LIKE” widget under the like page boxes for my music. The Community widget shows random profile of people who follow this blog and Blogs I Like shows links to random post from blog post i liked. So if you want to go out and read new article and meet new blogger dont forget to check it out!


37 thoughts on “1632 views in a day!

    1. lol right i remember I was like that a year and a half ago. when i started. you’ll probably get there before a year since most of that time i didnt have internet and wasnt active like i am now. good luck in blogging!

      1. Thanks! It’s much like dating. Wondering if I’m saying too much (a constant problem for me), if I’m too awkard (a constant problem for me), if anyone can see boogers in my nose (not so much a problem in blogging, thank goodness)

    1. idk what I might start doing is using that community widget that shows random followers every time I refresh the page. and see if i see something i like since I have about 2,000 followers, that sounds interesting right

  1. This is a great accomplishment! I once had just under “400” in a day and I thought I was on my way! But 1600 plus is crazy…best of luck and thanks for visiting my site! I too appreciate new folks. Skip.

      1. Yeah, that took me a lot of time and I kept seeing all of my “friends” with numbers way above mine, or so it seemed. I like the blogging for blogging sake, but I have higher expectations.

        Anyway, thanks for the visit! Take care and continued success…Skip

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