The Beginning of the End by: Aübèl Cuzèl

                                                      The Beginning of the End

By: Aübèl Cuzèl

I’m numb throughout my entire being, I want to speak but words fail to come. I want to cry but only little to no tears fall.
Numb throughout my entire being; shocked with what has happened and what may happen with the unquestionable future.
Will I be there? Will you be there? Is it even going to work out like you plan if we were to light a flame?
There’s a sickening feeling to know that this is it, part of me don’t want to believe this.
This can’t be true; I’ll wake up soon and be in your arms to tell you about this nightmare.
But I pinch myself and the pain only tells me that this is reality.
I feel my heart breaking piece by piece, falling slowly away into the abyss.
Fix these broken patches you done to me; and hold me in your arms and tell me everything will be okay.
Rock me to sleep and sing me a lullaby in a sweet voice so I can go to sleep knowing everything will be alright.
End this nightmare that’s occurring right now and make things right.
I bid you good night and make a wish.
Wishing things will be back to the way they were or better when I wake up.
The ambient melody makes me sleepy, as I force myself to stay awake; I look into your eyes and see you smiling and know everything will be alright.



21 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End by: Aübèl Cuzèl

  1. Hey, that was great! I’m trying to minimize how many blogs I subscribe to due to “in box overloading” but I can’t pass you up. And, thanks so much for checking my blog out and subscribing.

  2. Wonderful would be an understatement to describe what you’ve written. Who would have thought so much could be said in such few words. Great writing.

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