Purple Wordsmith!!

Yo check out the group blog post on rnwdgaf blog. DGAF at rnwdgaf.wordpress.com


Radikal Nations song purple wordsmith’s music video.

not much to say to about this song except its DOPE as FUCK.

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4 thoughts on “Purple Wordsmith!!

  1. In looking around I want ed to read some of your prose. I enjoy reading other”s write. And when I heard music was part of the mix I thought that it would be very cool.. I love music Music is playing in my house 24/7.. But when I realized it was rap. I hope I don’t offend you It is not my intent. I just try to be as real as I can. I wouldn’t tell you one thing and feel another way.Any way I read the story of the father and son and life’s lessons. It was spot on.Awesome word play. Saw the video gave it a listen even though I am not real fond of the genre. Now what happens next might surprise you .It surprised me. I was listening to the song. God how do I explain this. I have listened to rap before. I don’t know what happened in my head this time, but I wasn’t just listening I was hearing the words.. I don’t know why I never noticed that before.I am still not fond of the music style , but I shouldn’t miss the message in the words because of it. A music genre seems to follow a pattern or trend or evolution Maybe I can explain.In my thinking rap has it’s roots in some of the early blues. Like Johnny Lee Hooker, Lightning Hopkins,Leadbelly when they sang they were rapping. The only difference was in their tempo , timing and beat. Esp.Johnny Lee talking , singing same pitch same tempo.;Not fast not slow It was at his speed. He always had a hard time finding some one that could play with him. Anyway I’m starting to ramble on.The hour is late and I must be tired.I want to thank you for the opportunity to learn a good lesson and to shed some of that narrow mindedness I didn’t know I had. I would like to come back and read more proseif I am welcome. Later

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