It’s Time

It’s Time

Sheltered in the consistency of daily events,

Now in this season of changes. It’s,

Time to let go,

Time to shed skin,

Let the old leaves fall,

So, the new ones have a place to come in.


Sheltered in the comfort of what I thought permanent

Now in this season of changes, It’s,

Time to let go,

Time to move on,

Let these old people fade,

So, I have time to meet new ones.


Sheltered in the conformity of those around me and,

Now in this season of changes. It’s,

Time to let go,

Time to to break free,

Let these cracks run through the mold,

So, I have proof that all that I have, am, and will give up,

Is collateral for growth.

– James Revels III


85 thoughts on “It’s Time

    1. thanks for the compliment. I wrote this as catharsis right before i broke up with my girlfriend it helped calm me down before i dropped the bad news. thanks for reading

  1. This is beautiful : letting myself go is something I should do more often … Thanks for sharing these beautiful words and for following my blog ! Greetings from a Leo girl from Marseille, France !

  2. Wow, this is very timely for me- I’ve just recently been able to remember letting go after years of holding on to ‘old leaves’. But we are LIVING. We do NOT stay stagnant! To do so is to be dead in body.

    The seasons change, and no life is complete until what we understand as ‘death’ itself comes. Nothing to be feared or mourned. (although it does still hurt and we miss those close to us who’s time comes before ours.)

    I happened to clink this link after being notified you liked my blog post on Black & White entitled Masochist’.

    Which I was only able to post after years of having it hidden in the corner of an old notebook for several years. I see a connection there. But perhaps it’s just me, anyway,
    THANKS for checking out my post. I’m new to this and don’t have a lot of time to work on networking like I want to. Glad you liked that post of mine and I’ll be checking out more of your stuff!

    1. wow! this is beautifully put you should include parts of it in a post. sound legit. your welcome for the like and follow and thanks for checking back

  3. For Leo Rex ~ May you continue to amaze!

    Time had stopped and stood so still,
    Moving on not such a thrill.
    Heart to heart and hand to hand,
    Time restarts throughout the land.
    So we meet and merry part,
    Good to have this heart to heart.

    Thank you, going through my own hell’s of letting go! Time … to spackle those cracks in the mold!

    ~Loca Gringa

    © Loca Gringa and

  4. Reblogged this on Ekhava and commented:
    It is time to move on, move forward, leave the past, present behind and your future alone. Focus on a new you, a better you, the true you. When you are OK, so then will you be able to help, teach and elevate others, even as you doing you.

    Love Unconditional

  5. Have you ever tried Haiku? It is a very challenging art form and a great mental exercise. leave it to the japanese to come up with something that is both simple and complex.

  6. “Collateral for growth”- I really like that term and will remember it. I also really liked the steady, confident striding rhythm of the poem. In fact, I enjoyed it very much- not only in form but in content too. It very much resonates with me!

    1. Thanks im glad some of the lines stuck with you. I hope to get some credit for coining some new idioms and phrases * mischievous face* glad you could enjoy the read. thanks for stopping by

  7. Very nice and I will have to recheck your posts later…. Thanks for the like and hope you know I look forward to my new posts from you now that I am following you!!

    1. You could say that since it involves the balance of emotions. so I’d say it’s a yin yang activity. thanks for stopping by to read my poems

  8. Yes. When we learn to die in this body, and start living in the spirit, even in life, we have learned to walk away from anything. We have to learn this first. Correct. According to St. Paul also.

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