So Much to do. SOOOO Little Time

So,  Word Press family I have been MIA for a while, but just because I was gone doesn’t mean I’ve just been sitting on my ass licking my  privates like a cat or something lol I have been doing loads of new things and expanding my skills.

First off, I’ve been working on a hip hop group. Radikal Nation We Don’t Give a Fuck  and a couple days ago we dropped our first music video that I filmed and edited. I (King Leo of the DYT) recorded the second verse. Oh and did I mention I also mixed and mastered the song too? So, without further ado here it is.

Our YouTube channel link is HERE

and our Facebook page is

On the Instrumental side I’ve been working on a video and track called “March of the Solider” which will also have lyrics added to it but in the meantime listen and let me know what you think of this instrumental I call “Melon Khalia” which I am debating whether or not to write a poem to and lay vocals to. It’s free to download like the rest of the album. The embed will have link to the rest of the album that is complete so far and to my entire instrumental discography which is completely free for download. this includes “Our Beautiful Existence” “Sketch Book 1 and 2” and What is I have of “Being Human” enjoy! :3


Currently I’m practicing video editing and such so I can put my future poems to videos and music and bring them to life. So Stay Tuned!


9 thoughts on “So Much to do. SOOOO Little Time

  1. White, indigenous or migrant, who cares – Aussie hip hop is embarrassingly NICE. They’re all LAME goody-goodies no matter what the race. Where’s the edginess?? They’re all mummy’s boys. I want my hip hop to be authentic, which for me means young black Americans with access to handguns singing about sex and violence, preferably in the grimiest and most un-PC way possible.

  2. I believe that everybody has a voice (except me). My voice would scare small children- hell- it scares me-which is probably why I write). I might not agree with everything you say/write, but I stand in judgement of no-one.

    Glad you found me!

    1. Thanks!!! I can’t wait to be there also. I’ll have to shout you out like. “Yo i remember back in the day when Gabrielle, talking about seeing us now look at us” lol

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