Awesome post by uncomfortable2change that i just had to share


It is no easy task to detach from the various possible outcomes of certain situations…especially with matters of the heart.

Detachment doesn’t necessarily mean that I do nothing or that I say nothing…it just simply means that: at the end of the day (after everything has been said and been done), my energy and my emotional state does not hinge upon any outcome.

How is this possible?

I mean, honestly…

How do I sit across the couch from the man I love, knowing all our faults, fears and insecurities and not FEEL one way or the other about whatever transpires?

It is like this: I know better.

I know that nothing is guaranteed.  I know that all is apparently fair in love and war (helps the average jane/joe sleep with themselves at night if they do something fucked up under these pretenses I guess).

I know that the man who is on my…

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