Poetic Creole’s One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

Id like to thank Poetic Creole for the nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award!

My five nominations for the One Lovely Blog are:








7 thoughts on “Poetic Creole’s One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

      1. Awe! I kept help but write. It’s how I process the world around me. I’m glad it touches you in some way

  1. Sorry for getting back to you so late–I’ve been a bit busy with term/research papers.

    Thank you for the nomination, and congrats on getting over ten thousand hits!

  2. Apologies for the late response: I haven’t been on here in a bit, so I just saw your comment. I really appreciate your nomination!
    I quit my cubbie (cubical) job in Zonieland (AZ) last week so I have been a little busy making changes, but I will have more time to post my “life happenings” with my new found vocational freedom here shortly ;)
    It is amazing how productive unemployment can be.
    Anyhoo. Thanks for the love.

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