New Instrumental – “Being Human”

Here’s a new track from my upcoming instrumental album “Being Human”. It’s free for download, as everything else on my band camp, just set the price to “0”. Enjoy!

Bandcamp link

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21 thoughts on “New Instrumental – “Being Human”

    1. Thanks, I’m glad to hear my music moves you like I intended it to do. I’m overjoyed to hear my music is enjoyed. I appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment.

  1. If your music registered at all ? Do you make it completely Royalty Free ? No copyright ? I’m just curious because its hard to find music to use in YouTube videos unless you do it yourself. I always give people Notary of were the music for the videos i use come from. if you’d like I could use some music and more people would be following you through my channel if it of course ever gets anywhere.

      1. if you check out my blog you will see that it is for my YouTube Channel ( ) but i don’t how i could use this music it depends on what videos I make because my channel is based off of being completely random. I just like to have royalty free music in stock so I don’t run out you understand.. because it is simply hard to come buy.

  2. I like your music. It definitely has a cinematic vibe to it, if that makes sense-like you’re telling a story with sound the same way people tell stories with images in motion pictures. I also appreciate that it’s multi layered and has more texture than just a simple melody with a static back beat. You can tell it’s more of a thought out composition than something just thrown together. Good stuff, thanks for making it available.

    1. Thanks for all the praise. I’m glad you took notice of the details of the techniques I used in my composition. Very few people where I live have an ear to hear and understand those details

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