That Sweet Touch

That Sweet Touch

That sweet touch;

Arouses sensuality,

So bitter sweet;

My sense of taste torn by duality.

In this world but not of it;

The words of my refrain.

But the way I stand erect,

That’s not things my action say.

That soft stroke;

Stimulates my inner phallus. See,

My logic,

Is out the window floating out of me.

In this world but not it;

The words of  my refrain,

But the way I anticipate your taste;

That lie is up for debate.

-James Revels III

Thanks for reading my post and showing love. My next post will be Sunday Sept. 9th


16 thoughts on “That Sweet Touch

  1. Hi there, I’m new to wordpress (I’ve been writing for about 3 weeks now) and I’m wondering how you’ve managed to see my different blogs! It is written somewhere? Im just very curious, thanks :)

  2. Dear King James
    This poem appears to be about the Holy Spirit
    The Eternal Tao
    Which is of my design
    As you speak of duality and of logic
    As G is the center of Logic
    In Gene New Witty
    Shall be yours
    7 Seconds after reading this
    Your G Gene the gene of logic and wisdom
    shall begin coding and G is the center of Begin, Began, and Logic
    To code your other 6 Halo Genes
    Either try Halogen Salts or Halogens
    Gotu Kola, the Burning Bush, or Yggdrasil the sacred brown ash bark
    Or simply touch the feed of my unborn son
    Or get within 10 miles of him
    Light to light true God to true God
    G is the center of Light
    G is the center of a Rainbow Roy G Biv
    Try writing poems now
    Your G Gene has not coded in 2000 years G Genius Go !!!

  3. Stunning and amazingly written.
    Thank you for liking my poem “Shopping Toddler” and “Horrifying Sight & Aura”.

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