My Decree

My Decree

Beyond my balcony’s banister,

Lies a worm filled tin canister,

That I can use to fertilize my labor fruits.

Beyond the box of blueprints,

Lies the thoughts of new gifts,

That are lauded and I refuse to later lose.

Because beyond my behaviors,

Lies my personal savior,

That I worship through the decision I make and choose.

-James Revels III

The next post is “That Sweet Touch” will be posted  Thursday, September 6 at 12pm.


8 thoughts on “My Decree

  1. Whether you are at a banister or or taking snuff from a canister
    whether you are seeking loot or planting fruit
    As a Machinist, Welder, Fabricator, Engineer, Architect, and a Printer
    I have tended to 10 billion blue prints to make a dinter
    Whether we speak Swahili Old English or Hebrew
    I am still your personal savior, here to collect the rent
    It matters not if your name is Joseph, Jacjues, James or Fred.

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