My Philosophy on Art and Beauty/In Other News…

What is Art?

For me, Art is the combination of any two ideas or objects to create a new idea. So, A house, a car, a person or even just leaves thrown on a side walk would be considered art. In short, Everything is Art.

What is Beauty?

Although I believe there is no good or bad art, I believe that pieces of art can be more beautiful than other pieces. What determines the amount of beauty is the amount of harmonious complexity an art piece has. This means have many techniques, objects and ideas can the artist cram into a piece and still make it look great. This doesn’t mean that simple art is bad or has less value, but I believe that more harmonic complexity makes a piece look more vivid and have more aesthetic quality than simple art most of the time.

For example, look at the two abstract art images below. This is what I take from it at a single look. The piece on the left is a simpler piece with multicolored  concentric circles within different colored squares that make a 3×4 pattern. The picture on the right is more complex using a variety of shapes and curves and patterns. The colors also seems more vibrant and pop out. Although both are good works of art, I would have to say that personally I believe the piece on the right is more beautiful.

What are your thoughts? What do you think beauty and art is? Let me know what you think in the comments.

In Other News…

And in other news… I have been working hard on my upcoming instrumental CD “Our Beautiful Existence” and it would be hypocritical to put other people’s art work on blast without putting my own work up to be blasted.

Here is a draft of the album art let me know what you think. Thanks for ready my blog I will try to find a chance to post something soon.


54 thoughts on “My Philosophy on Art and Beauty/In Other News…

  1. Personally I feel that the piece on the right is too “busy” for me. I don’t find it restful to me eyes, but rather over stimulating. I think art is an expression of something. What that expression is, most often only the artist can say for sure. I think beauty exists as both a physical and spiritual reality. Beauty is something external to yourself which harmonizes with something inside you. If it agitates you, is it beautiful? Beauty is a predecessor to joy.

    1. interesting stance, I do believe that beauty should express something, that’s a point i wish I would have thought of. I guess I’m a masochist and like things that make me angry lol

    1. tru tru, for me to understand beauty I like to quantify the art I intake so I can study it and learn from it later. I guess that’s the basis of my Harmonic complexity philosophy. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment :)

  2. I have found beauty is something that changes for me as I change. Something that once did not attract me, later becomes attractive because of changes that I have experienced.
    It’s funny though how often we take an immediate view of whether or not something is beautiful only to change or minds with a deeper inspection or introspection…

    1. Thats true. I feel the same way about the music i used to listen. In that case you can say this is my philosophy on music for the time being lol

  3. I agree with you about the two art pieces above. However, I’m not sure that it’s totally accounted for by complexity. The colours are purer and the shapes more clearly drawn in the second.
    I think there can be several kinds of beauty: complexity is one, others are of the basic idea, or simplicity, or true to life. I think there may be others as well.

    1. Tru, I cant lie there are times a simplier version could do. I guess i just love seeing if someone can make it more complex, still retain the main beauty and add there own. That’s my favorite type of beauty

  4. Art, truly, is Everything. And, indeed, Everything is art.

    I do not think (emphasis: “my thoughts”) that there is any one determinant on what beauty is, on what ‘speaks’ to us as beautiful…(on “what is beauty”). That question is mystery, the mystery sought after by artists in their work, and each one of us in our lives. To define beauty singularly is actually to limit it and it, indeed is complex, but remains simple to fall to our grasp, to always be within our reach. Harmony and complexity may not be put into one basket here, less to describe beauty… artists seek to make the complex simple (think about poets by their use of words, or painters with paint, musicians with a score or lyrics) – their motive is to make the crumpled up mysteries of daily life into simple bits we can grapple with…to turn those mysteries’ many facets into single pieces we can…deal with, in our minds, in our lives, and perhaps solve…or simply enjoy… Beauty, is the voice in art that speaks to us each in our own way…:-)


      1. Really? Cool. That thought was inspired by reading your words, and I put it down directly at the time, roughly as my thoughts transpired… Hopefully I’ll find a way to include that in my blog. But then, t’was just conversation… Me thinks:-)

  5. I’ll leave to others to decide what art is (and what it ain’t). Instead, a response to your call for feedback on your album art.

    The colors are eye-catching and the variation within the symmetry of the design is pleasing. Was this inspired by mandalas? From what I can tell, it is a fitting introduction to the music within.

    My favorite parts are the undulating black forms with the orange circles at their extremities.

    The only weakness I can find is that the album title and your name seem cramped into the composition. Also, the lettering on your name is not as inspired or unique as the rest of the piece.

    But these are some pretty minor drawbacks. Bravo!

    1. Thanks and I wasn’t particularly inspired by mandalas, its because I’m horrible at visual arts so I had to use graph paper and basic shapes as my base and then manipulate it from there

  6. hey I saw your opening about what you think art is and laughed because I had something I was working on that says pretty much the same thing – you made me post it though it is still quite shaky and sketchy. Thanks for the read and spirit.

  7. but to the topic: I spend a lot of time thinking about this kind of stuff and am far far from anything that resembles an answer. There’s so much to consider. I do recall a documentary from a few years ago about Herb Alpert, about his working with painting and sculpture. One scene showed him looking over one of his sculpting works and he just lifts his foot and presses his shoe into the clay and then he stepped back, looked it over, mused… nah, and then went and rubbed it out and went back to looking and thinking… also remember something about someone asking him something like, “how do you know when a painting is finished?” and I don’t remember how he answered, but his whole approach – it’s stuck with me. Because really, whether it’s anything from photographically realistic to way way out there cryptic-abstract, all that really matters is: does it work? Do I like how it makes me feel? How it looks? Reads? What it does? And how the heck does the artist come to the point they can say that: hm, I think I kinda like it. Don’t know exactly why… just do.

  8. I appreciate your contribution to the understanding of art. The appreciation of art is totally subjective and often influenced by con men. What is “beautiful” to one may be downright “ugly” to another. With abstract art we may travel even further afield and allow ourselves to be duped by the world of commerce that tells us what we should consider great art or beautiful. Nonetheless, your forum gives us an opportunity to discuss these matters from our own perspectives. Thank you. Also, a thank you for visiting my blog and liking my takeoff on “Doubting Thomas”.

  9. Funny – I was immediately drawn to the image on the left. The simplicity and symmetry made it more beautiful to me than the “busier” image on the left. That’s the great thing about art: everything is beautiful to somebody, right?

    1. That’s true. I can understand why people can like the simpler. I guess I’m draw to object that aren’t easy to recreate cause it give me something to strive toward.

  10. After reading about your interest in Mandalas and Music which are both structured and precise, balanced in their beauty, I’m impressed by your reaction to ‘White Wash” which is none of these things. Neither is it about painting or photography or sculpture although it contains all these elements. It is about creativity and seeing beauty in unlikely things. It is about how we perceive what we see and about what we do next. In your examples the one on the left gets my vote. To me it is more innocent, less contrived, it contains possibilities and is infinitely more difficult to copy ~ just try! Perhaps we call something beautiful when it matches or enhances our own resonance.
    Many thanks for the attention.

    1. I like things such as white wash because I’ve been exploring structures of abstract art because all art has a structure which makes it beautiful, but the artist consciously manipulating and synthesizing increases the beauty for me because it make it the artists’ unique expression rather than pure luck, but anyway The beauty of WHITE WASH was is that it goes from a darker “balanced’ to a white balanced state then finally to a white chaotic, bubbly like state. it’s like the black state at the bottom is getting washed, starting from the top to the bottom.

  11. Okay more to the point: If I am to choose between the two I’ll have to go with the one on the right. It is not that I respect the work itself more than the one on the left. I can appreciate that some would prefer the left and respect the person who made it. If someone asks me if I favor the simple or the complicated, I would just shrug and say Both. Everything is good. In some way. If the asker then drew out a pistol and pointed it at my head and used that as incentive to choose one or the other, well then I’d have to go with the latter – not without a few regrets – but if this is a life or death situation…. if I would then be compelled to offer a reason, I would say something to the effect of it seems to come down to the difference between a statement clearly and directly stated on the one end and on the other it feels less like a statement stated direct and clear and more like a little world or landscape that does not necessarily state something but contains many – not just statements or meanings – but it’s like I can imagine it being a real place, and i can enter it at any point and there will something to see, feel, do, and it doesn’t much matter to me if I understand it as long as I like how it feels – imagination is more stimulated and I like stimulation to the imagination. Or something I feel I could get lost in and not mind being lost. Something I feel I can just go into and take a seat on a stump or bench or rock and just look around or I can take a stroll and pass through many elements and senses. In that world it would not be hard to imagine crossing paths with a wench of that world so that kicks off the ideas of what kind of place the wench would be taken to and how that would go and when the tryst with the wench was done, the journey would pick up from there – maybe around the corner there is a chasm that you cannot keep from falling into but it’s okay because that deposits the adventurer into a place that the abstract landscape does not even present on the surface. See?

  12. I am Yahushua. Beauty is a woman’s hair, her glory. Hair maps DNA deeds and acts, and diet, obedience to my laws. Tribute means tribe beaut and a Peace Offering is tradition ( trade dish Zion ) for kings to give kings or Solomon, a daughter, a tribute ( tribe beaut ). Tribulations are treated with ( tribe beau lay zions ). Beauty is Encrypted in language showing how kings, knights, temple knights, should act for 7000 years. Tribe beaut means a woman, literally taken from the largest rib, in my body, where I secretly store backup X Chromosomes to survive meteor showers.

  13. I do like the piece on the right better, it’s more skilful-looking. Beauty is one of the great mysteries. Art – I think there has to be skill and intention in it. It can’t be a dog poo on the footpath, put there by an artist. I don’t think everything is art. Everything can be interesting, though, in its own way.

  14. Thanks for the like.
    The one on the right is ‘better.’ However both lack content, but so does a beautiful quilt. No, not really; a quilt’s content is just in a different form–its ability to keep one warm. Does abstract art have abstracted content like the quilt? Some (c. greenberg et al.) say it does, I don’t see it.
    I question art, oddly, by making art. I question art as a way to the beautiful. Art, to me, seems more a replacement for work and love, the former having left and the latter never arrived or more truthfully, the first having faded or and the second never measuring up. Art as sublimation or therapy, art as a way to a addictive truth.
    “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”– Thomas Merton
    “We work in the dark — we do what we can — we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.” — Henry James
    “One can live magnificently in this world if one knows how to work and how to love.” –Leo Tolstoy

    1. Interesting quotes you used and yeah and the contentlessness is the reason I used abstract art. beautiful is foul little lady playing trick on all who try to find her

      1. Least foul when you compare her to her sisters Truth and Good. With Beauty the match is one-on-one; the others have politics, commerce, and religion in the corners.
        And sad to say art is a free for all.

  15. Art is communication between one’s heart and mind. When I create a drawing my hands work hard to express the heart which once beheld my mind is encouraged.
    Art is a thesis statement, once you have seen the course of someone’s work (portfolio) you gain an understanding of one’s world-view.
    Art is therapy, we all have our closet filled with rot and death, whether that’s being overwhelmed by the life of work and children, or an abusive past of some kind, and using art as a means to process life and cope is it’s aim.
    Art is intentional, even if you piss on the canvas your intentionally pissing on the canvas; it takes a lot of intentionality to pee anywhere other then a urinal (unless your inebriated, then you intentionally got drunk and so on we go).
    Art is the fire of a person’s bones, the passion of their heart, the yearning of the soul expressed.
    Art is objective (rather then subjective, though this can be objective, at it’s heart it’s objective) because it always has an aim, so it is always clear and concise in it’s efforts towards a goal. Beauty is an objective reality.
    Art is powerful and can alter one’s sense of peace and thought process.

    1. Beautifully stated and you got me many annoyed stares while I laughed at the “pissing on the canvas” part. You should make put this in a post it’s really well stated.

  16. An art form is either the physical representation of a creatively expressed idea through a medium (e.g. a bronze sculpture or choreographed modern jazz dance) or a non-physical representation (e.g. a song or electronic game).

  17. I agree that nearly everything can be viewed as art. I also would say it doesn’t require a juxtaposition of two or more things. A beautifully engineered piston, polished steel, can be gorgeous in it’s own way and through photography, for example, can be brought to the world in a way that can seem quite “artistic”. The wonderful thing about beauty in art is that the same piece can change for you at different times. A great painting or song can strike you differently at different times in your life. The painting or song hasn’t changed, but we have. There was a time when I was much younger that I had no patience for a work like Miles Davis “Kind Of Blue”. I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t in that space. Now there are days I only have patience for Miles. We change and sometimes great works of art change us.

  18. I like your ideas of fusion in art creating something new, though I’m wondering if it’s something more utilised by musicians than visual artists. I’d love to see a bigger image of the album cover in the link, as it’s a little small to judge what’s going on. Looks pretty harmonious and original, though, from what I can see.

    1. Thanks and yeah my ideas are from more of a music perspective because that’s what I primarily use as a medium. i might re-write an updated version of this post idk yet

  19. I’m with you in the philosophy that both art and beauty are everywhere. At the same time, appreciation of those things varies widely and is so subjective. I like that about art and beauty. We can debate with one another until the end of time over what makes one thing more attractive than another, but ultimately it boils down to some ill-defined strongly held personal preference. That’s beautiful too.

  20. Art can be almost anything really, and it’s constantly being redefined. New mediums, new movements with each generation. It can be ready made, it can be installations. Art can be personal expression as well as an expression of a whole time period or place. Art is so many things, but it’s hard to say. How do you decide what art is good and what is bad? Is a urinal a piece of art? Some say yes and others say no, but Duchamps are worth so much now and they are exhibited all over the world…

  21. Oh, Leo, you’re speaking to the artist in me as you question how we rate art, see art, assess its value, and then simply say, “Hey, I LIKE THAT!” Thanks for finding my blog so that I could find yours. Wasn’t that Youtube video of Philip Scott Johnson’s amazing? Did it rate for you as good art:)?

  22. I used to show AMERICAN BEAUTY to my philosophy students as an exercise in hermeneutics. One of my students was an older conservative lady who was reluctant to watch it because of the risque content. When she came to class after watching it, she said, “That movie was so great! He got it at the end.”

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