For As Many Moments Allowed

For As Many Moments Allowed

By: James Revels III

I’m beginning to understand,

About the thing which people argue is God or not,

Secular or religious,

Real or Illusion.

I gaze upon the sunlight of each day;

The lunar light of each night;

The friends I’ve met;

The enemies I’ve never made;

Everything I own,

Fight for,

And lost;

And I realized that all of the previous,

Are not God, but holier than that concept,

Not religious, but worthy of the greatest praise,

Not illusion, but realer than any word from man’s mouth.

It is Life and all its beauty,


And Light.

Which I shall behold, praise, and appreciate for as many moments as I am allowed.


18 thoughts on “For As Many Moments Allowed

  1. This is really beautiful. It transcends the dogma of religion–and any social institution really–and gets to the core of things. And that core of things strikes me as being much more simple and true and hopeful than the philosophical and theological debates and mind games you describe. And you say it so poetically and succinctly! Really really like this.

  2. I liked this but with you I am never sure if you have purposely used a word that is not real (as in realer) or if it is just your style? Anyhow, it was good.

    1. I do it on purpose because some days I prefer to make English more simpler lol Honestly, I prefer realer over more real because it rolls of the tongue easier for me.

      1. Just checking on you…I proofread so much I catch most all out of place things but realer is okay with me. English does have some quirky rules doesn’t it?

  3. I agree regarding the word “realer”; I think the phrase, more real, would have fit better. But I enjoyed the poem and share the main sentiment expressed.

  4. Nice job, but I have to agree with Jsnapp62 in that “realer” comes across as awkward and breaks up what is a solid thought with a slightly wounded epiphany.

  5. Beautiful poem but what is holier then God? God is so powerful even those of us who follow, believe, live and breathe God can’t even begin to grasp the incredible power and mercy God holds, instead, we just believe and see the irony given in each of our lives as God’s way of ironing out the wrinkles of our sinful ways. For those who write off something as a coincidence, believers of God’s power see it as irony and a life learning experience to embrace the gifts and change our course of action for the better. Peace

    1. “It is Life and all its beauty,


      And Light.”

      That to me is holier than God even though I believe life is God and that’s what I worship. Life and all of it’s beauty, love and experiences :D

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