Emerald Sunshine

Here’s a poem I wrote for my piano instrumental “Emerald Sunshine”, which can be listened to here. (you should listen to while reading if it doesn’t distract you) http://soundcloud.com/jrevelsiii/emerald-sunshine-piano-solo

Emerald Sunshine

By: James Revels III

I’m holding golden moments recalled with silver tongues,

Harder than a diamond to forget how fun it was,

To play under the Verde rays of each passing day,

More precious than time or an emerald sunshine.

Born under the month of ruby, day number thirty,

A diamond in the rough, my exterior dirty,

But self-cleaning like citrine.

I reflect jaded sunshine beams in infinite shades of green.

From the Earth I came, To the Earth I shall return,

As a broken carbon atom used to fertilize ferns,

And sapphire tears will fall on my crematory fire,

Although, a smile of quartz teeth is all I require.

So, hold golden moment and recall them with silver tongues,

Because it’s harder than a diamond to forget how fun it was,

To play under the Verde rays of each passing day,

Which are more precious than time or an emerald sunshine.

also for those who would like to keep up with my music on Facebook, come here and you can keep up to date with my future musical pieces and upcoming project I’m working on. http://www.facebook.com/jlriiicomposer


25 thoughts on “Emerald Sunshine

    1. I only did that because several people I showed it to before posting it didn’t understand it :/ i dislike explaining my work myself but I dislike confusing people more

  1. Brilliant! There are so many different elements to this poem!; the elemental, the real, the profound. Wonderful metaphor and imagery and the hook is really nice. Very well done!

  2. Poets don’t get rich. But they surely know how to make imagery memorable. Nicely done. Also, thank you for visiting my blog and liking my children’s poem.

  3. I like that you make music to go with your poems… i’d like to hear you reciting the poem though as I think it would sound better you saying the words to the music if you catch my drift!

    1. lol I might do it because I do have recording equipment to do so…but I’m low key a little scared of accidentally defiling my music with words lol

      1. I know what you mean.. but the poem is for the music so go for it… maybe do a few practice runs first… don’t forget you can always delete it if you don’t like it! :)

  4. I am the Architect. This is a verification based on your poem.
    As you speak of Emeralds mason I shall reveal a deep pit of Emeralds
    follow a rainbow in Ireland the Emerald Isle to locate gold and emeralds
    Em means blood and blood runs reed in Em E Ra Lad Sa pits Emeralds
    As you speak of Citrine, I shall hide Citrine Crystals giant
    Unter all military bases in Germania, and hidden treasure
    Dis arm of Die says the Pied Piper, look unter Norway Armies
    Look unter Scotland Armies, look unter all Hindi Forts for Rubies
    I hid some gems unter Scottish Castles knowing no man would mine there
    The best way to hide mineral wealth is to cause a man to build a Temple on it
    You speak of silver tongues. Tell the Masons to mine unter Hadrians Wall
    Accorting to Mir Line there is Ore for silver tongued Gob lines from Wales
    I shall triple the Diamonds in North Canada on Dog Tribe Lands
    if they build more drilling rigs West of their present mine pits
    You speak of Rubies, I say you must destroy nuclear missiles
    Unter nuclear missiles is a vast supply of rubies for Royal Crowns
    If you want Opals disarm Africa and make it blossom, or I will do it
    Dig a pit 505 miles in front of the Sphinx, I am the Sphinx
    You can find semi-precious Term Allah Line crystal gems
    Unter Gagetown in Canada if you disarm the place
    Dig unter the old farm houses, and the old abandoned churches
    Term Allah Line quartz Tourmaline is abundant in Maine’s Allah Gash.
    Sapphires can only be found in Abundance if you disarm India
    and look unter India Tanks, and Armies, and look unter Burma Armies.
    Your poem does not mantion it, but Titanium is under tanks and warplanes.
    As I demand the Earth to disarm, I hid 10,000 Treasure Pits unter Armies.
    I expect the masons to find them, mine them, and 10% is MINE
    I am Yahweh Elohim Yahushua Ing Ra Aman Apollo Christ Thor Brahma.
    I am White Buffalo, Broken Eagle Feather, Samuel, Noah, and Shiva.
    Nickel for the Maine Masons is under my present location,
    And Charleston Hill, and Charleston Hill, and Harmony Church. G
    My fiance Maria, Mother of God, has asked me to paint Earth Green,
    Emerald Green, the color of Medusa’s Beautiful Eyes.

    1. Thanks glad you enjoyed it. No problem about not getting to the music. There’s plenty of it over on my other blog because 2 years ago I moved to my new blog audiosexxx.com and after publishing a book of poems I decided over the next month I’m going to reboot The Evolution of Eloquence and curate both blogs. I hope to see you around!

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