Free write #2

Free write #2


Sometimes I speak my mind but it always comes out alien,

They call me a joke, laugh at me like Sarah Palin then,

But Punchlines can leave us punch drunk and blind,

like a stalker sayin he’s swayed his angel divine,

And I’m, a picture that speaks a thousand words,

and the only sound louder comes from my thousand verbs,

And i will beat a dead horse before i beat my dead mom,

and i’ll race into the sunset even when my legs are gone,

Head strong, got the steel in the skull,

my wheels ready to go to blaze the road to this poem,

The tails from my dog’s days, clipped and collaged,

Wag on the wall for all to judge like counterfeit Gods,

Spare the rod and you’ll spoil the lighting.

that’s a shocker.

Life uses testicles to play soccer.

Every bad day is a good day in hell,

so i treat my problems like the damned and say “oh well”


Also 2marrow I’m getting my camera back (which I loaned out) and I’ll have my pics from Missouri to upload. :3 


21 thoughts on “Free write #2

  1. I loved this poem, I wish I could express the way I feel like you do.

    ” so i treat my problems like the damned and say “oh well” ” I am doing that all the time!

      1. even if what you write isnt like Shakespeare or Robert Frost Good. you’ll keep getting better the more you practice and might even surpass them.

  2. great! :) really creative mind, and i like the honesty of it, i’m only a teen but i must tell you how this poem resembles much of diff. people, sometimes we all need something to relate to… and this is totally an all relate to :)

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