Sorry for the Delay/ In the Darkness in Search of light

Sorry for the loooooooooooong gap between posts but I’ve been busy helping my dad pack up for moving to Miami, Florida. So I decided to post an instrumental I composed and a free write I did to it. The instrumental is called In Darkness in Search of Light. This instrumental link is:


In Darkness in Search of Light

By: James Revels III

They claim nothing’s harder than the fall,

untill they slip on ice inside tommarow’s cold winter,

An then they bounce back on a tightly coiled spring,

remembering the sweets and forget the fall was bitter.

And when I think about it that’s a really great season,

considering the dead and restless, retired from leagues,

used to set fire to leaves, now i set fire to beats,

laying desires on sheets, my empires decree.

360 degrees, my flames come full circle,

in the dark, enlightened using shadows as my candles,

At war with this wrist watch, I need some more ammo,

It’s foot to my balls, now these goals i gotta tackle.

I look to these walls and I wait for them to crumble

People look at me and they wait for me to stumble,

Leo be a beast and he’s eating through your muzzles,

cause you can’t contain my speech, leaking oceans while you puddle.

10 thoughts on “Sorry for the Delay/ In the Darkness in Search of light

  1. Good work, though a reader needs to approach it right. I didn’t really get it when I took a passive scanning approach. But when I said it, rather than read it, with a driving forceful rhythm, then it made more sense.

    1. Thanks. yeah reading my works with a forceful driving rhythm usually doesn’t end well lol (I used to do it and mess myself up when writing). Thanks for taking time to read my workss

  2. I like the idea ‘at war with this wristwatch’. To me it’s a neat expression of how so many of us don’t have time to do all we want/must do.

  3. Worth the wait. This one seems to push boundaries a bit. That’s a good thing.

    The imagery is a bit vague, but the wordplay is engaging… almost confrontational. I really like the play on “fire” starting with “fire to leaves” continuing through “ammo”. Watch out for misspellings, which can be a distraction.

  4. Incidentally, the instrumental track (for me) evokes an updated take on David Bowie’s experimental “Heroes” album filtered through the more playful beats of “Black Tie, White Noise”. But that probably says more about my own frame of reference than yours. Sounds great.

  5. “remembering the sweets and forget the fall was bitter.” Interesting imagery this evokes. So human. We’re always looking to go back to Egypt!

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