Making Choices, Taking Chances (Composed by: James Revels III)

Here’s a link to listen to my piano instrumental, “Making Choices, Taking Chances”, that I created using the Elena Mode of my Revels Hexatonic Scale (Which I’ll explain in greater detail in a later post). Let me know what you think in the comments because that’s the only way I can get better. Thanks :D


37 thoughts on “Making Choices, Taking Chances (Composed by: James Revels III)

  1. i found your piece to be beautiful and quite moving – if i were to offer any feedback it would be this

    i loved the strong melody line early in the piece and felt it got a little lost toward the end..i felt the melody was repeated, but maybe that was the point of the piece – just really loved the strength of the opening and wanted to hear the story continue throughout to a quiet conclusion with it’s own melody

    don’t know if that makes any sense

    well done

      1. You definitely need to check out George Winston. :)

        I loved your piece. I play a couple instruments, although I’m not nearly talented enough to compose anything. I’m no expert! If I had to give one bit of advice I’d say work on the dynamics to give the music more emotion. But it’s really lovely.

  2. First, I need to say that I’m not a music critic, nor am I particularly up on the cutting edges of modern styles. I do, however play guitar, have composed and performed live music for many years, and have listened to and loved music for 61 years now, I’m familiar with virtually all forms of musical expression.

    My opinion is that this is excellent; it’s original, consistent, and will, I can tell, lend itself very well to lyrical augmentation. While listening, I actually could see and hear words that would go well with it…. I may even try my hand at composing a poem that might fit.

    If it helps, I don’t use the word ‘excellent’ lightly. I hope to hear more from you, and look forward to someday hearing your music played to a much larger audience, to wit: the world at large. Keep it up, young paduan, you are definitely on the right path…..

    1. lol Thank you very much! I’d love to see what you write to it. I’m probably going to add lyrics to this song after I figure out which instruments I should arrange this piece with so that i wont ruin it.

  3. I can’t offer any useful technical feedback considering I don’t even know what the key of D is and I barely know what a piano is.

    It was very solid, clean, and I did like it. I was expecting a few sustains here and there as well as a few note drops. (I was expecting the bass parts to drop to lower notes at times, as if you were going down a scale. If I knew anything about music, I’d be able to tell you what what those notes were lol)

    Loved it!

    I really, really wanted to ruin it by laying a guitar track with it.

  4. It sound definitely different. Somewhat broken instrument.
    I haven’t measured the frequency of each note and analyzed
    what the so-called Hexatonic was.
    But if this unsettling sound (hence it sound something new) was

    the effect of its Hexatonic, you better read —>

    The Tonal-scale is not exists because of the human invention, but
    it exists in the nature.

    1. Thanks for the info and the in depth comment. The scale for this song D, C# (not used in this song), E, G, A, C (the reason it goes from D down to C# is because that one interval between the notes makes a half step down instead of up. why? because I thought it would be cool lol) I also used color theory (using C as red then moving around the color wheel) which I implemented by using strings of counter point melodies to color the song (this one is Orange (D) with a counter point strings that usually have tonics on warm colors such as D, E (yellow) and C (red) . these melodies were sandwiched between chords containing mostly of the cooler colors of A(Blue-Violet) G (Blue-green) . This is probably why it sounds unsettling because the cooler surrounding notes want to settle and mellow out while the warmer notes are trying to drive forward (<—-that makes sense to me at least lol) but I understand all that fun music theory jazz of the "harmonically perfect" diatonic system and if you analyze this harmonically with that system this would probably be considered epic sounding garbage lol if you need a MIDI file or anything else on the song let me know

  5. I thought, Hexatonic is using different dividing scale, but adding
    one more note to Pentatonic.
    Wht-so-ever the end result sounding to contain too much odd-numbered
    harmonics = harsh to ears or rather metallic sound.
    ( the character of your Digital to Analog converter and Audio amp’ ? —-
    or its caused by receiving end ? ) :-)

    1. Hexatonic would means that in the diatonic scale but this is an exotic scale so you cant only use diatonic terms to analyze it, it has a theory all to itself. Hextonic in this case just means the scale has a 6 notes. And I kno its harsh to ears harmonically, that’s characteristic to the Chord progressions where the first chord of the song is an E sandwitched between two A’s which I know is “wrong” harmonically, but this song is written melodically. so I put more emphasis on where the notes are going rather then where they fall on top of each other. I let them fall on dissonant notes on purpose to see what kind of feel I could create by leveling off some (but not completeyl get rid off) of the dissonance using the melodies

  6. Hi, it is beautiful & melancholic … makes me think of some of the Max Richter’s pieces….sometimes I would expect a little bit more intensity in yours … but I like it the way it is too:) thank you for sharing. Dasha

  7. I like the chord in your music. and the little change in 2:32 is not bad.
    this music reminds me of rain.

  8. Lovely piece. I can’t offer much critique as I don’t play an instrument, though I dearly wish I could. I sing and stick to writing!
    From my limited knowledge and experience, what I heard was very good. I think you captured the feel of the title with the continuing staccato notes throughout, giving it the true feel of uncertainty that comes often with making decisions and taking chances. I did keep waiting for it to drop down to a few lower notes for sort of a “walk in the valley” feel, but it wasn’t necessary. I am thoroughly enjoying your compositions. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I might try that “walk the valley feel” in future works because I want to try some new techniques. Maybe one day I can compose something for you to sing to :3

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