Fragmented Phrases from a Completely Broken Man

Fragmented Phrases from a Completely Broken Man

By: James Revels III 

Truth crumbled from under me without warning

Now I’m a human broken before his warrenty

I know more about who I could be in the future

than I know about who I am in the  present

In the future, I’m King of my destiny,

In the present, I’m no more than a peasant working toward tomarrow’s tempting dreams.

I smile in the light of day,

when friends are around; I have a lot to say,

But the smile fades as night ignites,

I grow silent and cry for those who suffered today.

When I’m alone at home,

I can clearly see myself,

When I’m alone outside

I can clearly see the world,

When I’m alone in my dreams,

I can clearly see nothing,

What I want is when I’m awake,

thats why I CAN NOT dream.

Most days I feel its healtier to be a vegatable,

than it is to eat one.

I think so much,

that some days I wish my brain would turn to mush.

I’m sick in the head,

not because im crippled,

but because I’ve thrown away my crutch.

I believe in nothing,

So, nothing believes in me.

So, if nothing is all that believes in me,

I guess it’s nothing that I live for…


37 thoughts on “Fragmented Phrases from a Completely Broken Man

      1. How I felt upon waking today, some days are just to difficult to look in the face because then we see a reflection of ourselves. Faith, Hope and Belief does prevail in the end and is our only means to survival

  1. I stumbled on this one. I wanted to tell you you’re not nothing, but then the light clicked on…that’s a double-negative. Rereading several times, now I understand your honesty was compelling. You made me stop and think. Not many people have done that for me this week. And that is something. I so value you having the courage to let the bleeding show.

  2. There’s so much going on in your poem…i keep changing what I like best about it: first six lines I thought medieval theme, i like the pattern you kept with “i clearly see” lines, the contrast of emotion during night/day, and the play on “nothing” is a great closing. Fragmented and yet they work together as a whole. Great stuff =)

  3. I can connect to your poem easily. I’ve been in that phase where I felt like nothing is actually what I was. Looking forward to reading upcoming point of view of yours through your poems.

  4. Now…that’s original. When I get really bad, I go find some water and sit in it. The negative ions stimulate serotonin. Really. Waterfalls, showerfalls, hot tubs…sit.

    The nasty thoughts don’t go away, but with water pounding on your head, it seems to somehow not matter.

    And How do you do that? Really. original.

  5. I can really feel your pain so much in this. I love your name. Check out my story about the Lioness.
    In a group of Christian caregivers, we recently discovered that all of us are Leos! We make good wounded healers.

  6. Nothing really isn’t as depressing as people make it out to be. That’s what everything began as essentially and will be turned back into. Empty limitless without my ego and painful memories? Seems like the American Dream to me.

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