Poetic Sketch #1: A Practice of Perfect Poetry

Here is a “poetic sketch” I’ve done.   This a poem I free wrote then edited the mistakes, but not changing the meaning of the line I wrote, only improving them. I hope you enjoy.

A Practice of Perfect Poetry

by: James Revels III

Empty spaces laid where words were meant to stay,

So, I paved the words a lane they use even till today.


Would that make me the government for grammar,

Making the structure fit my wishes since I run the system.

And since I run the system, I’m the archive of assonance.

All awesomeness blossoms in alternate consciousness,

I’m a bandit of enjambment with,

40 thieves,

with quick knees,

and wit meaning,

your attention we are stealing.

Many dealings with deatails,

I own a sharp iris for imagry.

Envisioning scenes,

of fields filled with the gently flowing milk and honey,

complimenting the sweet, seductive smell of cinnamon in my lion’s den.

If after creation even God’s had to rest,

I guess I’ll never take a break so I can beat the best.


15 thoughts on “Poetic Sketch #1: A Practice of Perfect Poetry

  1. I like the wordplay in the first three-fourths of the piece. It’s also nice how the metaphor changes for the last four lines. Overall, surprisingly aggressive imagery given the topic of poetry, which is refreshing.

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