Leo’s Theme – A King’s Work is Never Finished

Lately I’ve been working on my music composition skill and I need feedback please help! lol here’s a link to a short  video game theme instrumental for Leo’s. It’s inspired by the composer ZUN, who composes music for a game called “Touhou”. listen and tell me what you think.

Leo’s Theme – A King’s Work is Never Finished (Composed by: James Revels III)


21 thoughts on “Leo’s Theme – A King’s Work is Never Finished

  1. I’m not much of a gamer; my son was quite adept, though, and I’ve heard a lot of the theme music. This is as good as I’ve heard; I could see Mario or some other creature bouncing around the screen in my head, and it fit right in….so, as I say, my opinion is not what you’d call expert, but I know what I like….good work, IMHO….

  2. great beat! i’m a piano and bass player and like improvising my own music for the ‘heat of the moment’ i have a pretty good music background and i gotta say this sounds pretty catchy. you don’t have to take my advice but i’ll give it anyway. I listened to this song twice now and i think you have a good tune going on but the drums over power it a bit much. Think of it like a garage band. Try lowering the drum beat and perhapes turning up the melody and see where that takes you, if you dont like it that’s totally up to you!
    Cheers :)

  3. Leo, this is a great effort and I really dig the melody, very catchy indeed. I have a long background in music, from playing multiple instruments to arranging and producing my own music. One thing I would suggest is either adjusting the level on the snare that you have through the song or possibly finding a different snare sample, as I feel like that is taking away from the overall piece.

    Again great effort and I look forward to hearing more of your future work!

    All the best!

  4. The tune was genuinely catchy…the way the melody line expands and contracts harmonically makes sense….especially with its application being a video game.
    Lion’s are not timid so I get the aggressive percussion tracks…but for me, they were a little too much in my face. Lion’s are kings of their domain so they don’t have to hurry all the time…maybe installing some legatto as a brief 2-3-4 second bridge between passages might be a fun experiment…I’m not the pro, you are and you clearly have ‘the gift’. I look forward to hearing where your safari takes you. You must be so pumped! Thank-you for letting us peek in on your creative process.

  5. I liked the music, but couldn’t really relate it to lions. All the films I’ve seen of lions shows the adults moving quite slowly and smoothly, though the cubs are quicker and less stately. The music by itself made me smile and cheered me. Sorry I can’t express this in musical terms – I don’t know them.

    1. lol im happy you took the time to comment :D it’s not necessarily a “lion’s” theme, it’s a theme for “Leo”‘s so I’m thinking of more of the astrological qualities more than a real lion. Thanks for the compliment i hope you stop by a read some more

  6. Art in every form has been the love of my life for 72 years. As I listened to this bit of musical meandering for the third time I decided that there is no good or bad art. Taste perhaps. But not art (I think I must have thunk that thought before.) . I’ll listen again tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll bring the family.

  7. Just found your site. You are soo creative. Love this piece. It feels powerful. You are very talented. My brother is a Leo, and it has that energy. It just woke my greyhound, Matilda up!

    1. Thank you I appreciate after returning after 2 years of blogging else where I come back to so many awesome comments like yours. It’s making my day. 2 years ago I moved to my new blog audiosexxx.com and after publishing a book of poems I decided over the next month I’m going to reboot The Evolution of Eloquence and curate both blogs. I hope to see you around!

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