The Lyrics to a Heart Beat

The Lyrics to a Heart Beat 

By: James Revels III

Perfected Mona Lisa’s smile,

Her grin bends any frown.

Only see her once in a while,

but that time adds up when she comes down.

Her beautifully sculpted mind,

Chiseled like the Thinker,

Should be displayed in the Lourve

Solving my problems with nothing to prove.

Even when tides change the moon phase,

She finds ways to rise to occasions,

Even though we meet in our home town,

Moments feel like vacations.

My best friend,

The only one of top

And I hope in the end,

You place me in the same spot.

Can’t invent a teleportor,

but imagine this as a telegram that transfers my heart toward her.

So keep it locked up safe and listen to the biorhythms,

because if you listen closely you’ll decipher these words in them.

23 thoughts on “The Lyrics to a Heart Beat

  1. Wonderful imagery! “her beautifully sculpted mind” – lighthearted but conveying a lot of feeling.
    I’ll definitely be back to read more. thank you.

  2. Firstly, I loved the title!
    And the style is definitely something unique! “Moments feel like vacations.” :-)
    Great! Loved it!

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