Outer Space

Outer Space

Distant stars remind me of humanity,

so much potential for supporting life,

but only plants devoid of life recieves our shine.

The Milky way reminds me of my thoughts,
scattered aimlessly around a vast space,
yet creating a bright, beautiful fractal shape.

This Solar system reminds me of enlightenment,
How those planets recieving too much light are burned to death,
while those receiving little light suffer in the frozen depths of ignorance.


22 thoughts on “Outer Space

  1. Good thought though, —– ? what’s wrong with burnt to death or suffer in freezing.
    It is what they are as it is their own norm.
    They exists as they are, burning or freezing could be enjoyable for them, why not.
    Only human impose the idea otherwise.

    1. i never said it was good nor bad. I was just pointing out how the more intelligent, enlightened people tend to be “burned” by their own brilliance and the one’s who haven’t learned yet, suffer more losses and harsh times because they’re in the dark.

  2. The Milky way reminds me of my thoughts,
    scattered aimlessly around a vast space,

    great Lines! enjoyable read.


  3. If I could draw or paint I would, but I cannot so I only doodle. Words, however, are my main medium. I like the stars. I never noticed before last November how a really starry night is textured and you can see the depth in the sky. It’s quite beautiful.

  4. It’s always great to have fractals referenced in poetry. Aside from that, I love how concise this one is, and the sort-of slant-rhyme ending is just right. (okay, so i’m not sure what to call it when the rhyme comes before the end of the line, so I went with slant). Lovely.

  5. I LOVE your words here…..you articulate your ideas beautifully! The notion that one can be burned by their own enlightenment – that knowing too much can cause pain and harm – is interesting and I would agree. Likewise, ignorance is not always bliss….never growing or reaching your potential, never learning to shine. The planetary imagery is perfect and I really enjoyed and related to this piece, thank you :)

    1. Thank you for the Great Praise :D I’m glad you could relate to this piece because I honestly thought it was a little out there when I first scribbled the beginning down.

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