Be > A+

Be > A+

by: James Revels III

Paths cross; Journey’s End;

Games are lost; Rules are bent;

Thoughts are born; people die;

Babies smile; seniors cry.

We move on, but don’t forget

The home where all our time was spent.

The friends and every fool we met

Has help us study for this test.

There is no pass, there is no fail,

There are no grades; there are no ‘A’s;

Only ‘B’s which stand for BEings;

Only ‘B’s signifying the blind.

Some have BEcome what they are,

They see the future, miles far.

Other blind are what they were,

Their past and pain is what they serve.

Paths unwind; Journey’s Begin;

Games are won; Rules written;

Thoughts die; people are born;

Babies cry, but seniors no more.

-James Revels III


28 thoughts on “Be > A+

  1. This is a very well written poem . I do like the flow , but moreover I really like what you did with the 4 beginning lines and the 4 end lines.. It’s like if they capture and hold the lines in the middle.

  2. Beautiful. I like the flow, the juxtapositions, the way it loops back on itself in the end. As Gwen Sears Bullock commented, “The ebb and flow of life.” I very much enjoyed.

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