My Definition of True Love

 My Definition of True Love

True Love consists of three concepts: Unconditional acceptance, Caring, and Authenticity.

Unconditional acceptance is being able to understand and tolerate the qualities of the person you love, no matter what it is.  This doesn’t mean that you must accept everything that person does especially if it’s inappropriate and rude. What it does mean is to forgive them and try to work past these problems and if that’s not possible, distance yourself and show them some tough love. Just make sure they understand why you went on a hiatus.  Unconditional acceptance is the reason it’s possible to truly love anybody.

The second condition, caring is the ability to nurture the one you love. As long as you nurture your loved one with enriching conversation, affection (not necessarily physical), compliments, gifts, and great experience and memories, you are expressing true love toward them, especially if you don’t wait till holidays, birthdays, or special occasions to show you care.

The final condition is authenticity. This means no matter what you do with and around your loved one, make sure you truly mean it. If you aren’t honest in your interactions with the people you love, how can your love be considered true?

Don’t narrow love down to something thats only a part of romance. Love is meant to be shared with everyone. :D


66 thoughts on “My Definition of True Love

  1. Love is one of my favorite themes of life to analyze and appreciate. And as a searcher of true love myself, this post helps me further understand what to look for in finding true love, but also what to offer, as well. Love goes two ways and is much more than the romance as James suggests. I love these two sentences–“If you aren’t honest in your interactions with the people you love, how can your love be considered true?” and “Love is meant to be shared with everyone.” Completely true, and I’d like to spread my love for mankind out into the electronic universe–who knows, maybe if enough people do, true love won’t seem like something only found in fairytales.

  2. You’re an incredible writer and I loved the depth in your blog! I think my favorite line is, “Unconditional acceptance is the reason it’s possible to truly love anybody.” I also loved your question, “If you aren’t honest in your interactions with the people you love, how can your love be considered true?” as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “What is uttered from the heart alone, will win the hearts of others to your own.” And what is true love is not shared?

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. True Love that is not shared is fear, hatred, or apathy. It’s Fear when you love someone but scared to show it. It’s Hatred when you are unwilling to try to share love with anyone. It’s Apathy when you feel like there’s no love to share at all.

  3. This is a very interesting analysis. I think unconditional acceptance is actually pretty hard to find! Great when you do. K.

      1. This is such a Leo thing to say but you help keep the Leo legend alive–we are all awesome! :)

    1. Thanks! And you can experience it, first you have to show it. Lead by example and you’ll attract people that follow that example. Also I’m interested in your Magick studies and would like to learn more about it, because I’m trying to become familiar with all lifestyles and ways of living so I can open up my mind and understand different people’s perspective.

      1. I will keep trying to blog about interesting topics in the ways of magick. If you have any questions feel free to ask as well. To open one’s mind is to open one’s self.

  4. Leo, I agree completely with you views on true love, which I share, and which I hope I practise. It was good to read something that I have been trying to say myself for years. Unconditional love is diffricult for a lot of people who have been taught to find fault with others and be ready to blame, since they were small children. It’s difficult for them to overcome this conditioning.
    What you said about ‘tough love’ and ‘a hiatus’ is good, if only one is strong enough to apply it. I find that very difficult, as one I love has medical problems and needs a lot of support and the kind of nurturing care every day which you describe so well in your second paragraph.

  5. Beautiful. So true and it’s tragic that many people don’t realize this. I finally figured it out after a while and now I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever been in. 2 years going strong. :)

  6. I would add: True Love for someone is wanting for them the honorable things they wish for themselves and being willing to support those wishes as much as you would support your own wishes.

    So, I think loving all people would be like accepting all honorable wishes with authenticity, caring.

  7. I’ve often thought that our dearest family members are given to us to “practice on” so that we can better deal with the rest of humanity. When one of these people hurts us, we’ll do anything we can to maintain the relationship and make it stronger — balancing our hurt against enabling — and coming up with something that keeps the relationship intact.

    We won’t do this much for a stranger or an acquaintance, but as we “practice” with our loved ones, we get better at being patient, understanding, and willing to forgive. As you observe, love is a powerful thing.

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog, Focus on the Artist. I invite you to check out my alter ego, Middle Aged Plague (

    1. I had a family member who had an addiction to alcohol. She was a wonderful person, but I became an enabler until I went to Al-anon and began to understand how what seemed helpful was in fact hurtful. Knowing how to love is complicated. But the most interesting thing I learned is how family relationships endowed me with special privileges visa-via my ability to interfere in her life. This only happens in families and in loving relationships which to me adds another dimension of responsibility to love.

  8. Love: it’s funny it is one word, & has a definition in the dictionary, & yet can MEAN different things to different people. A very thoughtful post.

  9. authenticity is a must in real love… i liked the fact that you pointed out that love is not only “romantic love” but it’s something that should be shared with everyone :) Nice!!

  10. dont know where to post–but — I’m immensely enjoying your replies! BTW I read one of the comments about your spelling or grammar or whatever and… I thought to myself…Guess I’m a MURDERED! I have murdered the English language and I hope this fellow dont find me out! Ha Ha HalleluYah!

  11. Hi! I found you because you followed Hermetic Order for Humans, thank you!
    I have Leo rising.

    As everyone else has said, this is a beautiful post. Great ideas, simply stated. Thank you! i am off to find more…

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion I’ll keep that in mind while redesigning it after my two year hiatus this blog
      2 years ago I moved to my new blog and after publishing a book of poems I decided over the next month I’m going to reboot The Evolution of Eloquence and curate both blogs. I hope to see you around!

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    1. Right, but then again I like the non conformists they make things more interesting :)

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