What Life is …

 What Life is Like…

Flash fiction by James Revels

Jared and his father were relaxing on the banks of the river behind their humble home.

“Father, why do you take me out here by the river side every Saturday afternoon?” Jared inquired.

His father shuffled from laying down, relaxing and gazing at the sun to sitting up cross legged, attentively fixated on the river before them.

“Well, Son, it’s to teach you what life is like.” The adult’s eyes refusing to budge from its position on the stream.  Jared raised an eyebrow, bewildered.

“How does relaxing on a river bank teach me anything about life?”  His father then pointed toward the water and calmly commanded,


Jared saw a blue jay frantically flapping its wing, barely avoiding subversion under the murky water.

“There’s one of lessons I’ve been trying to teach you.”  His father stated. The child sat in silent confusion.

“And what is the lesson?”


His father pointed again. Jared followed where his father’s finger lead and saw a large bass swimming elegantly through the dingy water that surrounded it.  “There’s also one of the lessons I’ve been trying to teach.”  Jared released an exasperated sigh and folded his arms across his chest.

“And that lesson is?” The teacher refused to answer and pointed to the bank on the opposite side of the river.


Jared hesitated, but spotted a golden retriever. Jared was disgusted. Despite the healthy coat of golden hair, the dog’s ribs wore its skin dangerously tight. The dog looked like it belonged in a museum next to the skeleton of a T-Rex. Jared wondered if the dog even had any flesh and then averted his gaze in repulsion.

“The lesson is…” the father pointed the drowning blue jay and Jared realigned his attention to his father’s teachings. “…that people are like birds. We can fly to amazing heights when given the chance.” He then pointed to the starving golden retriever.  “But people are also like that stray dog. We need ground to stand on and we scavenge for something to quell our insatiable hunger.” The teacher shifted his attention toward the bass and his student mimicked.  “What most people don’t realize though, is that we’re also like fish, swimming though the river of life.” The instructor turned toward his pupil. His pupil reciprocated. Jared’s father looked him directly in his pupils and concluded. “It’s dangerous to forget that life is like a river because if you do…” Jared’s father glanced at the blue jay, which was tiring from its struggle against the current.  “Just like that bird, you’ll drown and surely die.”

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33 thoughts on “ What Life is …

      1. You are very talented, beautiful yet truthfully sad story, composer and poet. Thank you for sharing so much beauty amidst the jungle of the internet

  1. Very nice story! Enjoyed it very much. “…wore its skin dangerously tight.” Eloquently put! Very nice image.

  2. Hi Leo, thanks for visiting my blog!
    I enjoyed this story, but I did feel like I was ‘hit in the head’ with the ‘moral’ so to say– it’s just stated very bluntly for me and left little to interpretation– just my thoughts! I do really enjoy your writing style though.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. It probably sounds blunt because I tried to be more concrete than my poetry and i was also trying to incorporate some rhetorical techniques I learned while reading this book on public speaking.

  3. Your analogies are quite interesting. Very descriptive with the characters, helping them to leap off the page. Great post, Leo.

  4. as i read through this – i was also very taken by the repetition of “look,” as if that really were the fundamental lesson – attention. very well done

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and offering encouragement. I read several of your posts, including poetry, fiction and an essay. You perform as well. That’s impressive. Many artists choose a single form for their communication. You seem much more intent upon mastering many of them. It seems to be working.

    1. thanks for all the praise…my ego is ballooning as I re-read your comment.lol but thanks for stopping by to enjoy my work. I enjoy all the different modes of expression some say things other can not

  6. this was a well written piece of work its sad to read but whats worse is the world is like that everywhere you go I am fifty-one years old and I swear this is the worse I have ever seen it great work this touched my heart in several different ways great work man.

    1. Thanks for the praise. I’n glad you were moved by work. and yeah the world is in a pretty dismal state but there is so much potential for more

  7. First thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your blog, and you do some things that I have no idea how to do, like the music you added on valentines day. I am interested in doing some writing and taking a course next week, and another one I think I will investigate in May for ebook publishing. Maybe you have done that already. Thanks again, if you like poetry maybe you have heard of Portia Nelson – I like her poem There’s a hole in the sidewalk.

  8. It’s nice to see some one so young focused on the arts. It makes me realize that not all young people are self centered jerks with bad attitudes.

    You’re lucky to have a medium like the internet to express yourself. When I was your age I made the mistake of sharing my work with a group of friends and was ridiculed. Needless to say I never shared anything with them again. Unfortunately I suppressed my art until I was almost 30.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone discourage you or deter you from your art.

    Ps. Thanks for visiting my blog


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