In Complete Agreement (Poetry)

In Complete Agreement

[POV: ‘Him’]

I’d rather you’d splatter my brains with a bullet carved with both our names,

Than entertain the thoughts we’ll separate,

No debates,

Like the failed compromise we attempt to reach each night,

You call them arguements;

I call them incomplete agreements

You say im not seeing;

I see you’re not listening.

So, sit silent and lead this sightless artist,

While I try to illustrate the art of listening harder.

[POV: ‘Her’]

For years you’ve been serving me glass after glass of false hopes,

Im sipping my last glass because this is my last straw,

And unlike my straw,

I’m done bending so you can stream your favorite saying,

Claiming to illustrate the art of listening to the lies you’ve ingrained on the side of my thought trains.


Don’t expect me to lead you,

Unless your name is “Astray”,

If not,

Find your own way to heart break,

Preferably through the express lane.

You call this incomplete agreeing?

And although I may not listen well,

I can hear the snickering flames as you lead me into your personal hell,

So, keep talking.

I see you dont need help with,

Being so blind that you don’t notice you’re leading yourself.


– James Revels III


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